Lifetime ISAs v pensions

Lifetime ISAs became available as from 6 April 2017, though there are as yet few providers. The government had two objectives in introducing the LISA – to assist would-be home owners to accrue sufficient funds to enter the housing market, and to provide an alternative or additional means of saving for retirement. In the latter […]

The ageing population

Government statistics are projecting that by the year 2020 there will be 12% more people in the UK aged 65 and over than there were in 2015. This compares with an overall population growth of just 3%. Another prediction is that the number of retired people will have increased by 1.1 million in the three […]

Missing out on ISA returns?

HM Revenue & Customs has reported that in the tax year 2015/16 80% of the 12.7 million people who invested in Individual Savings Accounts put their money into cash ISAs – a similar figure to that for 2014/15. This, despite historically low returns and with little current prospect of beating inflation. Insurers Royal London have […]