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Graham has been with Clairville York since helping to get it established in November 2001 and has over 27 years Financial Services experience having previously spent 12 years in retail management.

He holds a number of CII Advanced Financial Planning qualifications and is aiming to attain Chartered Financial Planner status in the next 12 months. Although qualified to deal with most aspects of financial planning, including Equity Release and Long Term Care planning, Graham tends to focus more on pension and investment planning for both individuals and corporate clients.

Graham lives in Sevenoaks with his long suffering wife Louise and has two adult children. He is a serial home renovator and when he is not trying to make his way around the M25 to the office or to see clients he spends much of his spare time pretending to be a builder, carpenter, electrician and plumber, or at least as much as current ‘regulations’ will allow.

As his waistline evidences, Graham also enjoys good food and wine (being married to a chef helps), and adding to his ever burgeoning music collection.