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We have a growing number of corporate clients where we arrange protection, pensions and other employee benefits. Our advice is both for employees and the business owners. However, the majority of our clients are individuals, families and trusts who engage with us for the long term.

Some clients simply require us to arrange transactions on their behalf, e.g. “can you arrange some life cover for me”, “can you arrange this year’s ISA for me” etc.

During our relationship we will:

  • Explain our services and charges
  • Get to know your circumstances, requirements and ability to afford
  • Assess your attitude towards investment risk
  • Review existing arrangements
  • Take account of taxation and legislation
  • Design a tailored plan
  • Document this clearly in a report
  • Implement the plan
  • Carry out all the associated administration
  • Revisit and review each of these on an ongoing basis
  • Be accessible for ad-hoc queries
  • Keep you informed with newsletters and bulletins